How to Plan a Renovation Project on a Limited Budget?

Be Renovative - wall renovation, helping to make house / apartment renovation simple, practical and fun

When the economy is not doing great and times are tough, life priorities often change. Renovation and repair projects require financial means, which are not easy to get in the middle of a crisis or a slowdown. 

Is it still possible, in the midst of a crisis, to still spend money on house renovation? Of course, if your project is related to major architectural changes, this can represent a major investment of time and resources, which often need to be saved due to economic instability. 

However, it is possible to make your living environments closer to what you are looking for with small internal changes. This does not necessarily involve modifications of the structural elements and, therefore, significantly saves on the total investment required.

How, then, can we create a cozier, more personalized, creative, elegant and, above all, more pleasant living environments in times of a crisis? The answer is to plan all the interventions with your architect or designer and well research prices of all materials before buying them. 

We list below some easy to implement categories of interventions to help you make your decisions if you plan to embark on a project, no matter the economic conditions.

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Fixing lighting could be an easy choice  

Replacing existing luminaires can be one good and easy intervention. Besides the purely aesthetic aspect, most modern lighting technologies are friendlier to the environment and help save energy. 

Some models are also adjustable and are able to provide just the right amount of light for the activity that takes place in this room or another part of the building or apartment.

If it is not possible to change the main luminaires, which would often require work of the professional electrician and will be heavier on the budget, you can opt for floor and/or table luminaires, which do not depend on electrical intervention and can still function as pleasant and useful decorations.

Changing painting will also help

Painting a wall or two with an intense color, which is different from other colors you use in your living space, can add personality to the environment and keep your boredom at bay, besides helping to renew the space. 

An interesting and easy to implement option, for example, is to customize one wall with blackboard paint, which then can be used as a wall for messages and drawings. Painting or messages on this board can be frequently renewed according to your mood or taste. This is fun to do and gives a feeling that something has changed!

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Changing the floor in a smart way

In renovation projects with limited resources, changing the floor can be very costly. One solution, in this case, would be to focus on painting, as we have discussed above. 

If you still are thinking about changing the floor, a not expensive option would be the installation of a new floor over the existing floor. This could be, for example, vinyl or wood laminate. 

Such changes do not modify existing floors and can be installed simply and quickly. This change also does not require hardly any waiting time. You can start using the space immediately after the installation is done.

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Use of adhesives does not cost much

Any adhesive materials can be installed on existing coatings or paintings. They can also be applied to painted walls, furniture, doors, equipment, such as refrigerators and minibars, among others. 

There are infinite possibilities of colors and textures available on the market. Most of them are at very accessible prices. It is often also possible to create your own – with your own color and texture. 

Thus, adhesive materials are good for low-cost personalization. They are easy to install, practical to maintain. And can be removed when necessary.

Be Renovative - wall renovation, helping to make house / apartment renovation simple, practical and fun

Wallpaper could help make this desired change

Easy to install and clean, wallpapers can be a good alternative to help cover that dull wall, and have it become a smooth and finished surface, without any imperfections. 

The prices for wallpaper can vary a lot depending on the supplier and textures chosen. Still, there are always options that are more economical and, at the same time, could help you reach the desired effect.

Changing the furniture should not cost a lot

Replacing furniture is often done during renovation projects. But this can be a major waste of resources. Thus, the reuse of furniture is becoming more the modern trend and it also helps to spend not much. 

Options with furniture reuse are the repainting of antique furniture and also the use of other objects as furniture. These could be, for example, already well-known wooden pallets or boxes. 

If you creatively approach this process and play with different combinations and rearrangements, you can create sofas, cabinets, shelves, niches, tables, and many other objects, which will look great and will give you a feeling of living in a renovated space!

Creative decoration can help renew the space

For more economical decorations, we can use, for example, rustic objects of popular art, such as pots and vases of clay and wood, as well as other articles. Those objects are usually not expensive and value the local culture. 

Paintings and posters are also inexpensive options that give more personality to spaces, even in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. 

Cushions, covered with different textures and colors, also allow for either for sophisticated or simple but elegant compositions, as desired. 

Curtains and carpets, on the other hand, help fill the rooms better. They can also help disguise the floor or wall, which has been worn out and cannot be repaired quickly and not expensively.

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An indoor garden is a good renovation choice

Small indoor gardens, which are simply created with pots of various plants, are a great decoration and renovation option. These plants can usually be purchased in large supermarkets, dedicated garden trade or from street vendors at very affordable prices.

Indoor gardens bring more green color into living spaces, renewing them and leaving them more alive.  Pay attention to the types of plats you buy, as different plants require different amounts of sunlight and humidity.

Be Renovative - financing construction project, helping to make house / apartment renovation simple, practical and fun

In conclusion

Finally, whatever tip, from those mentioned above, you decide to implement, make sure you avoid exaggerations. Not making your living environments overloaded with furniture or decorations is the main objective to ensure the harmony of colors, textures, reliefs, shapes, and volumes of the entire composition. 

As for costs, changing the look and feel does not necessarily mean buying everything new. Reusing old furniture and objects is now in fashion and is increasingly present in decorations and architecture exhibitions. By improvising with the materials and objects can help reduce consumption and still create a very different living space, which will be personalized and pleasant to live in.

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